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Confucius, K'ung Ch'iu or K'ung Fu-tzu in Chinese, (approximately 551–479 BCE), was born in the Chinese state of Lu. He sought peace among the various Chinese states that were at war in his time. He traveled to seveal neighbouring states seeking reform, and describing several moral systems of government in which all of them could live peacefully.

Confucious' philosophies are shown in his sayings, known as The Analects, which are the basis for Confucian philosophy. Confucianism was primarily a system of ethical methods for managing society. The main concept behind the philosophy is the social nature of man and his realtionship with others through human kindness. This relationship is demonstrated and described by li. This is a system of social structure and etiquette, in which people show respect to other social classes. The attitude is the same as the "golden rule" in which one must do unto others as one would have done unto himself. Confucianism eventually fell to the newer religious systems of Taoism and Buddhism.


Name: Confucius
Born: September 28, 551 BCE, Qufu, China
Died: 479 BC, Qufu, China