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Carl Ginet

Carl Ginet (1932— ) is an American philosopher.

Carl Ginet is also credited with the barn-façades counterexample to both the traditional and causal definitions of knowledge. The barn example first appears in Alvin Goldman’s paper, “Discrimination and Perceptual Knowledge” as a challenge to Goldman’s own causal theory.

Selected Works

  • “Might We Have No Choice?” (1966)
  • “An Incoherence in the Tractatus” (1973)
  • Knowledge, Perception, and Memory (1975)
  • “The Fourth Condition” (1988)
  • On Action (1990)


Name: Carl Ginet
Born: 1932 (Casper, Wyoming)
Degrees: Ph.D. (Cornell University, 1960)
BA (Occidental College, 1954)