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James Mill

James Mill (1773–1836) was a Scottish economist, historian and philosopher.

James Mill was the father of philosopher John Stuart Mill, as well as a good friend of Jeremy Bentham.

Much of Mill's activity in philosophy involved spreading the views of Bentham, by whom he was strongly influenced. He wrote on political philosophy and economics as well as history, often merging the diciplines with a theoretical analysis of history rather than a a recounting of the events.

Selected Works

  • An Essay on the Impolicy of a Bounty on the Exportation of Grain (1804)
  • Commerce Defended (1808)
  • The History of British India (1818)
  • An Analysis of the Phenomena of the Human Mind (1829)
  • The Principles of Toleration (1837)


Name: James Mill
Born: April 6, 1773
Died: June 23, 1836