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Saint Thomas More

Thomas More (1478–1535) was an English politician best known for Utopia, a description of an ideal state. More is celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church as a martyr. He served on Henry VIII's royal service for many years, holding several important offices including Lord Chancellor (1529) despite his disapproval of the king's divorce. Three years later, however, More resigned due to illness.

In 1534, More was imprisoned for his refusal to accept the Act of Supremecy, which removed the pope from the English church. More was later executed by beheading for this, which was considered an act of treason. The Roman Catholic Church considered Thomas More a martyr, and in 1935, he was canonized as a saint.



Name: Sir Thomas More
Born: February 7, 1478, London
Died: July 6, 1535, London
Office: Lord Chancellor (1529-1532) Canonized: 1935 by Pope Pius XI
Feast Day: June 22 (Roman Catholic)