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Pyrrho (360—270 BCE) was an ancinet Greek philosopher. Pyrrho is considered to be the first of the Skeptics.

Pyrrho argued for a position of extreme skepticism, stating that any proposition and its negation can both be argued for with equal justification. As a result, Pyrrho believed that one must suspend all judgement. Instead, one can only live one’s life according to objects appear to oneself — thinking about how things really are will only create anxiety. It is by understanding that nothing can be known about how the world really is that one can be content. For Pyrrho, knowledge is impossible, and so the pursuit of knowledge can only end in dissatisfaction.

The later school of Pyrrhonism, which advocated extreme skepticism, was named after him. However, Pyrrho himself was not the founder of this school, as it was created some 300 years after his lifetime.


Name: Πυρρων (Pyrrho)
Born: ~360 BCE
Died: ~270 BCE