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Xenophon was an ancient Greek soldier and mercenary who wrote a number of works on the history and military life of Ancient Greece, as well as some Socratic dialogues and treatises. Much of his writing remains intact, preserving information about ancient Greece, as well as about the life and teachings of Socrates.

The life and teachings of Socrates are explained and discussed in the dialogues of his student, Plato. However, because Plato used character versions of his Greek contemporaries in his philosophical volumes, it is difficult to determine which ideas are originall those of Socrates, and which were originally from Plato. Xenophon's mentions of Socrates shed some light on which aspects may be characterization, and which are consistent with the original man.


  • Anabasis
  • Agesilaus
  • Apology
  • Cyropaedia
  • Hellenica
  • Hiero
  • Memorabilia
  • Oeconomicus
  • On Horsemanship
  • Symposium


Name: Ξενοφων (Xenophon)
Born: ~430 BCE
Died: 354 BCE