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Aenesidemus was a Greek philosopher of the first century BCE. He is known for founding the third major skeptical school of classical Greek philosophy, Pyrrhonism.

Not much is known of Aenesidemus’ life. He was said to have been born in Knossos, on the island of Crete. His book was said to be dedicated to Lucius Tubero, who was a known friend of Cicero, and hence it is expected that Aenesidemus was likely either of Cicero’s generation or younger. He is said to have been taught by Philo of Larissa, who was a moderate skeptic himself, and also a teacher of Cicero. Hence, Aenesidemus was likely a member of the Academy, the school founded by Plato.

Aenesidemus is credited with founding the school of Pyrrhonism in his era, which is named for the earlier philosopher Pyrrho, who was an early Skeptic. Like the Skeptics, Aenesidemus’ philosophy called for a complete suspension of judgement when it came to intellectual knowledge.


Name: Αινησιδημος (Aenesidemus)
Born: Unknown (during First Century BCE)
Died: Unknown